The Tearooms, Edinburgh Castle

When my parents came to visit the other weekend we did a lot of touristy things and a lot of eating out. On the Saturday we combined this and had lunch in The Tearooms at the top of Edinburgh Castle.


They do not advertise gluten free on their menu but if you ask a member of staff they are able to tell you which dishes are gluten free or can be adapted. All of their soups are gluten free and they have gluten free bread so you can get any of the sandwiches on the menu. I didn’t taste any of these though, instead my lunch consisted of this GIGANTIC slab go carrot cake and some delicious potato wedges. Not your normal combination but why not?!


Yes the cake was as amazing as it looks…it was not dry at all and the icing was perfect! The wedges were pretty good too but they are easier to get right! Apparently, they always have at least one gluten free cake available each day, I hope they are all as big as this!


So fear not, you can go see the One o’clock Gun and then grab something to eat before exploring the rest of the castle! I love how easy eating out is getting for us on a gluten free diet!

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