Bread Meats Bread, Glasgow

I have been to Bread Meats Bread in Edinburgh before and thought I would try out the one in Glasgow! The Glasgow venue is a lot smaller than the Edinburgh one which doesn’t bode well when you can’t make reservations and you want to visit during the normal lunch hours. We waited about 10 minutes for a table for two when we went at 1pm yesterday, not too bad but meant we had to rush a bit more than I liked so that I could get back to work. 
Anyway, the most important part: the food. Their main dishes are burgers but they do have a selection of other mains such as hot dogs, sandwiches and toasties which they can make gluten free (unfortunately their poutine is not gluten free). I have only ever tried their burgers but once you do you’ll understand that there is no reason to try anything else! Unlike other burger chains I have eaten at, Bread Meats Bread’s gluten free burger buns is delicious! It is extremely soft, stays together and you would not believe it was gluten free! In one word it is amazing!! Their burgers themselves are delicious too, with a wide variety and some gorgeous burger sauces! They also have a good selection of vegan/veggie options, as well as halal options. My non gluten free friend also loved her burger and believed my claim that it is the best gluten free burger in Scotland at least! 

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