Mimi’s Bakehouse, Leith

I visited Mimi’s Bakehouse in Leith the other day when I was in the area as I had heard loads of amazing things about their gluten free cakes.


The cafe is in a gorgeous location, just by the river and the cafe itself if very pretty and a decent size! The staff here are also very clued up on coeliac/gluten free and it was nice to see the gluten free cake kept separately from the “normal” cake. However, to my disappointment they only had two gluten free options: chocolate fudge brownie (which I could not have as I am off chocolate for lent) and plain scones. I decided to buy a slab of the brownie for my boyfriend’s sister who is also coeliac and got myself two scones. The brownie looked melt in your mouth amazing and it was a very decent size! The scones were a bit small and would have been nice to have been offered butter or jam with them (I am not sure if you get offered this if you sit in and have them) as they were just a bit too plain for my liking but tasty nonetheless.


I am hoping that I just caught them on a bad day when they didn’t have much gluten free choice in but I have heard great things about their afternoon tea. I  guess if this is booked in advance then they can make sure that they have a vast selection of gluten free goodies to try!


Will definitely try it again next time I am that way but won’t be rushing back just to go there unfortunately.

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