Gluten Free in Barcelona

I have just returned from a very sunny Barcelona and was so impressed with their gluten free options that I had to tell you all about it!


Before I went out to Spain I had heard from others that McDonalds do a gluten free bun, so of course a Quarter Pounder meal was my first dinner in Barcelona! The ordering machines make it super easy to order and you can even get rid of/add other ingredients too! The bun wasn’t the schar burger bun that I had heard it was but it was still yummy nonetheless and it wad great feeling “normal” whilst in McDonalds! I also found out at Barcelona airport (which I will talk more about later) that Burger King also now do a gluten free bun! UK, why are you so behind??!!

On the second night we then went to La Fonda as my other half had seen it recommended for gluten free online. Unfortunately, I was not that impressed. You had to pay extra for gluten free bread (although it did come warm and in a packet to avoid cross contamination) and the vast majority of the dishes contained gluten (including the paella which they are supposed to be amazing for). Due to my dislike of spice and less common seafood I could not have a starter and I was limited to one main dish, the duck, which was extremely delicious but not what I was after!


We also tried La Lluna as this had great gluten free reviews too and oh my, the food was yummy! Most of the dishes were gluten free and clearly labelled on the menu. It is a set three course menu for 16,50 euros (some dishes have additional charges) which we did not know about beforehand so make sure you are ready to stuff your face! The service is super quick, so if you prefer to wait in-between courses you may want to tell them that but I would definitely go back again! There were also a couple of families there and the waiting staff seemed very good with them (and a smaller kids menu is available).

One of our friends (not gluten free) recommended Sensi Tapas to us before we headed out so we headed there on the Friday and loved it so much that we went back on the Sunday too! The menu is not clear as to what is gluten free but the staff were very knowledgeable and were able to adapt some dishes if I really wanted them (they even out some gluten containing sauces in separate pots so that my other half could still enjoy them). Over the two nights we almost tried everything on the menu and would highly recommend the steak fillet, the normandy casserole, the seafood paella and pork ribs (if they have not pre-marinated them). Unfortunately, the only gluten free dessert they do is the chocolate fondu which I did not try but it looks great! If you do plan on going here I would highly recommend booking a table (can be done easily online or calling as the manager is American) as it is a small restaurant and gets busy very quickly! To sit at the main tables, each person has to order at least two dishes. If you would prefer a lighter meal then you can sit at the bar.

I have seen so many instagram posts about Jasana bakery and was so excited to finally indulge in a gluten free danish pastry but much to my disappointment they were shut for two weeks! So when I finally finished sulking we decided to check out Gula Sana instead (another completely gluten free bakery). Although they did not do any danish pastries they had a very wide selection of cakes and biscuits, all of which were clearly labelled as to what allergies they were free from. I was not a fan of the cookies as they were too nutty for me but their baguettes were the best I have ever tasted (my other half who is “normal” also liked it too)! Warm with a bit of crisp but still so soft inside (my mouth is watering thinking of them now!). So I would highly recommend this bakery for lunch!

Another place we stopped off for lunch was the NBA Cafe just on La Rambla. They have a separate gluten free menu which had loads of options. The food is quite expensive but you get MASSIVE portions! We shared the gluten free nachos and they put some (loads) of chicken breast strips on it and they were happy for us to share even though it was on the starters menu. The frozen daiquiris are delicious too! The place is a great experience, they have “fan cams” just like at NBA games, the staff are very lively and they will dim the lights, sing happy birthday and embarrass you as much as possible if it is your birthday!

I had so many ice creams on my trip (at least one a day) using the excuse that they cooled me down but the best was definitely Arlequino, situated right next to Sagrada Familia. Their flavours were clearly labelled as to whether they were gluten free or not and they had gluten free cones! The gluten free cones were separately wrapped and the staff would change their gloves and use a new scoop when you said you were gluten free! The raspberry ice cream with chocolate pieces was my fave!


Of course my boyfriend wouldn’t go to Barcelona without making me do a tour of Camp Nou but I was surprised to see that all of their food outlets within the stadium have quite a few gluten free options! We didn’t eat there but at least the option is there! Amongst other touristy things, we also visited Barcelona Zoo and again, much to my amazement every single food outlet had gluten free meals and gluten free snacks!


Unfortunately, we had to come home and like with all airports I was a bit nervous about whether I would find any food I could eat but lone and behold everywhere we looked at in Barcelona Airport had gluten free options! Burger King were advertising their gluten free buns but in a bid to try and be healthy we went to Desha Santa Maria had a choice of two hot baguettes which were cheaper than most of the “normal” baguettes (cheese and chicken or cheese and bacon) and gluten free muffins. The baguettes took about 10 minutes for them to make and again arrived in its own packet, thus avoiding cross contamination. Again, the baguette was lovely and soft and there was a decent amount of filling in it!

I loved Barcelona and will definitely be going back so let me know if you have any suggestions on where to eat! Especially if you know where you can get gluten free churros, that was the main thing I was gutted I could not find out there!

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