Treadmill vs Outdoors

Although Scotland has not had snow it has had crazy cold minus temperatures recently, especially in the mornings when I normally do my runs. With race day three weeks away (yes I'm crazy and doing a 10K on new years day), I cannot afford to start skipping runs so I have switched to the dreadmill. … Continue reading Treadmill vs Outdoors

My top 8 runners to follow on instagram

We all need a bit of inspiration and motivation to get our bums out of the door to run some days and I find that following the right people on social media can help with this. Not only do they share great tips, inspirational transformations and gorgeous photos, these people also share the lows of … Continue reading My top 8 runners to follow on instagram

Cinnamon and Orange Gluten Free Bread

Who doesn't love homemade bread? What most people don't know is that gluten free bread is so easy to make! It hardly needs to proof and doesn't need a bread maker, a bread tin and an oven works perfectly! So what are you waiting for?! Ingredients 1 cup water 3 tbsp honey, sugar or syrup … Continue reading Cinnamon and Orange Gluten Free Bread

Couch to Half Marathon in 9 Months

Now I have always been fit, thanks to skiing my leg muscles are crazy strong and I can play a full game of netball as GA no problem, but running has always been my nemesis. On ski camps we would do fitness after a day of skiing and that normally involved a run, safe to … Continue reading Couch to Half Marathon in 9 Months

Winter Vegetable Soup

Winter has definitely arrived, so instead of longing after the sun and its warmth, why not warm yourself up with some homemade vegetable soup using in season vegetables?   Ingredients (serves approx. 7) 700g butternut squash (roughly one whole butternut squash) 300g carrots 250g parsnips 150g leeks 2 vegetable stock cubes in 1l of boiling … Continue reading Winter Vegetable Soup