Gooey Chocolate Brownies

Who doesn't love a soft, warm, gooey chocolate brownie?! This was the first bake I made sure I mastered when I found out I was gluten free and oh my is it delicious! I even took it to a dinner party and my boyfriend and two "normal" friends loved it! It is so easy to make … Continue reading Gooey Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns

I absolutely love hot cross buns but since being gluten free, the only store bought ones I have tried and actually liked are Tescos. Much to my disappointment, my local Tesco didn't have any in this morning so I decided to make my own! I would normally go traditional and use dried fruit; however my … Continue reading Chocolate Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns

Healthy Gluten Free Apple and Blackberry Oat Bars

I was planning on making my normal raspberry oat bars; however my local shop did not have any raspberries so I decided to experiment with blackberries and apple and oh boy am I glad I did! I still love my raspberry slices but these are a great change!   Ingredients (Makes 8) 150g gluten free oats … Continue reading Healthy Gluten Free Apple and Blackberry Oat Bars

Healthy Oat and Raspberry Bars

After being glutenfied last night and feeling like rubbish today I needed a little pick me up and what's a better pick me up than healthy cake?! Plus, it only takes five minutes to prep and 25 minutes to cook!   These bars are gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free! Making them a perfect … Continue reading Healthy Oat and Raspberry Bars

Gluten Free Upside Down Apple Cake

This was the first gluten free cake I ever made and is one that has recently been requested  for a bake sale by a non-gluten free colleague at work!   It probably isn't as famous as its associate, the upside down pineapple cake, but everyone prefers apples to pineapple surely?! If you are a fan of … Continue reading Gluten Free Upside Down Apple Cake

Gluten Free and Healthy Banana Bread

I had not tried banana bread until I was diagnosed and even then I have only ever tried my own banana bread but, if I may say so myself, it is so damn good why would I need to try anyone else's?!   Banana bread seems to be a family favourite for most people and … Continue reading Gluten Free and Healthy Banana Bread

Gluten Free White Bread Loaf

How expensive are gluten free bread loaves?! Although they are convenient and most brands seems to have worked out how to not get so many holes in the slices (but not all), I still like baking my own bread when I have time.   Did you know that gluten free bread can easily be made … Continue reading Gluten Free White Bread Loaf