Couch to Half Marathon in 9 Months

Now I have always been fit, thanks to skiing my leg muscles are crazy strong and I can play a full game of netball as GA no problem, but running has always been my nemesis. On ski camps we would do fitness after a day of skiing and that normally involved a run, safe to … Continue reading Couch to Half Marathon in 9 Months

Winter Vegetable Soup

Winter has definitely arrived, so instead of longing after the sun and its warmth, why not warm yourself up with some homemade vegetable soup using in season vegetables?   Ingredients (serves approx. 7) 700g butternut squash (roughly one whole butternut squash) 300g carrots 250g parsnips 150g leeks 2 vegetable stock cubes in 1l of boiling … Continue reading Winter Vegetable Soup

Let’s talk about exercise…

Now that summer is well and truly over and the countdown to Christmas is on, most people tend to stop exercising until post Christmas. However, this is by far my favourite time of year to train as the gyms are at their emptiest, you can normally find some great gym introduction offers on and the … Continue reading Let’s talk about exercise…

Gooey Chocolate Brownies

Who doesn't love a soft, warm, gooey chocolate brownie?! This was the first bake I made sure I mastered when I found out I was gluten free and oh my is it delicious! I even took it to a dinner party and my boyfriend and two "normal" friends loved it! It is┬áso easy to make … Continue reading Gooey Chocolate Brownies

Gluten Free in Barcelona

I have just returned from a very sunny Barcelona and was so impressed with their gluten free options that I had to tell you all about it!   Before I went out to Spain I had heard from others that McDonalds do a gluten free bun, so of course a Quarter Pounder meal was my … Continue reading Gluten Free in Barcelona

The Royal Yacht Britannia, Leith

This was another one of our tourist days when my parents visited. Given the yacht was not in commission when I was alive, I did not know much about it but it was actually pretty interesting! The best part though was the cafe up on the top deck as this was where all of the … Continue reading The Royal Yacht Britannia, Leith