Gluten free, lactose free and low fodmap egg, spinach and cheese muffins

I have been racking my brain for savory healthy treats to replace my normal chocolate and crisps snacks during the day and have definitely come across a winner with these! They are so simple to make, taste great reheated and can even be frozen! What's not to love?! Ingredients (makes 8): 100g spinach Pinch grated/powdered … Continue reading Gluten free, lactose free and low fodmap egg, spinach and cheese muffins

Indian Manor, Bothwell

Having only driven through Bothwell once I noticed that it seems to be the place to live if you like eating out. There are loads of very trendy, fancy and cosy restaurants that I would take me the best part of a year to try!   Indian Manor is┬ápossibly the most talked about one, with … Continue reading Indian Manor, Bothwell

Bread Meats Bread, Glasgow

I have been to Bread Meats Bread in Edinburgh before and thought I would try out the one in Glasgow! The Glasgow venue is a lot smaller than the Edinburgh one which doesn't bode well when you can't make reservations and you want to visit during the normal lunch hours. We waited about 10 minutes … Continue reading Bread Meats Bread, Glasgow

Prep Fitness Kitchen, Glasgow

Tuesday is date night for me and my boyfriend and because we have an unlimited cinema card it is normally spent going to see a film (and sometimes napping during said film if he has chosen a poor one). After the cinema nine times out of ten we will pop into Prep Fitness Kitchen in … Continue reading Prep Fitness Kitchen, Glasgow

Bar Burrito, Glasgow

Everyone has a day where they just want loads of meat, cheese and some spice right?   I haven't found anywhere that sells gluten free burritos (if any of you have please let me know!) but naked burritos and nachos come a good second best. I opted for pulled pork nachos and oh my they … Continue reading Bar Burrito, Glasgow